Replica Chloe Shoes Espadrille sandals for China




Chloe’s latest espadrilles strappy sandals
The imported custom-made high-density multi-material combined webbing is not a normal canvas. 3D CNC waterproof printing logo. The original private model. High-density raw rubber sole, wear-resistant, artificial Goodyear threading, and grooving in the back palm position to fill the cowhide pad. The location is just right. All the craftsmanship and material are consistent with the original version. It is definitely a pair of durable and durable tools for walking in the arena
Code number 35-40 (standard code, two colors, 41 code customized non-refundable and non-replaceable)

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EUR35 = UK2 = US4, EUR36 = UK3 = US5, EUR37 = UK4 = US6, EUR38 = UK5 = US7, EUR39 = UK6 = US8, EUR40 = UK7 = US9, EUR41 = UK8 = US10


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