Prada Replica Nylon Hobo 6204 Shoulder Black Bag


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Prad’s explosive nylon Hobo hand carry/armpit bag
Hobo, who has been madly planting grass by the Ins network sister red sister group, has become popular in the world. This year, PRD directly released a new model!
The handle is changed into a chain, when the armpit bag is more sexy, and it is also equipped with a long shoulder strap. The baby who likes sportsexy can carry it on the side. The back is easy to create a concave shape, and my favorite is the shoulder strap with a hanging ornament, which looks like this “bear boy” lying on my back. OF course, you can use it on the trousers as an accessory or hang it on the matching rope as a neck bag. It’s really a must-have!
Baby, hurry up before the main blog post~

Style number: 6204
Size: 20x 13x 6cm


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