Q: How long does shipping take?

A: The shipping time will vary based on where you are located and whether the product you order is in stock. We will notify you of the estimated delivery time of your item. If your handbag is in stock, we will deliver it to you within 7-14 working days.

Q: How much do you charge for shipping?

A: The shipping is $15 per item.

Q: What happens if my shipment is lost or stolen?

A: It is unlikely that your package is lost or stolen. If we approve that your handbag disappears, we will send you another handbag. But if the postal service delivers the handbag to the wrong address or you have moved or changed your address without notifying us in advance, we can do nothing to recover your handbag.

Q: What methods of shipping do you offer, and what can you tell me about them?

A: Shipping using Express mail and Register Air mail service is included in the price of your handbag, and is highly recommended for most regions. Once we ship your package, we will send you the tracking number once it is available. The delivery time is from 7-14 working days.

Q: It’s been two weeks, where is my order?

A: The delay doesn’t happen often. But if there is any significant delay with your order we will contact you immediately. We will keep contacting you from the time your order is placed. When your handbag is sent out, we will provide you with a shipment tracking number at our own discretion. This tracking number will automatically be emailed to you. Meanwhile, you will receive our notification. So you do not have to email us asking if your package has been shipped.

Q: I am looking for a handbag that is not listed on your site, can you provide them?

A: If you are looking for a handbag we don’t list it on our site. Please contact [email protected] with a picture, a serial number, or the model number of the handbag. The more details were given, the easier and quicker to locate the handbag in the factory.

Q: I ordered and received the handbag but I wish to change it for some other model, what are my options?

A: If you have made a mistake in ordering the wrong handbag and wish to change to a different model, we allow an exchange process within 3 days of receiving the handbags and a handing & shipping cost will apply.

Q: Will the funds be paid immediately or after I get the goods when I purchase by Credit Card?

A: The funds should be paid immediately by Credit Card. If the product’s quality has a problem after you receive the goods, please contact us ASAP, and we will deal with the return procedure for you.

Q: How do you ensure your products after I finish payment?

A: Within 3 working days after you finish payment, we will send a detailed list that is including the order number, payment time, tracking the number of the express, payment sum, products name purchased, and amount, expiration date, and probably delivery time.

Q: What quality grade is your handbags?

A: We only sell the top grade bags, our bags are made exactly like described in the last point.

Q: Will I have a problem with customs?

A: We have many years of experience in shipping handbags worldwide. We guarantee that the items will be sent to you directly. We can let our products pass the customs safely in our special way.

I have read everything in your FAQ, but still can’t find the answer to my questions. It’s pretty easy, just contact our customer service by email at [email protected], and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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